Meet the team

Come and meet our friendly team at the Elton John centre.   With decades of experience in HIV and sexual health research our team is renowned for their knowledge and professionalism – delivered with a friendly and caring approach.

Team Members

Dr Amanda Clarke

Consultant in HIV, Sexual Health and Clinical Trials

Clinical lead for HIV and sexual health.
Principal investigator for most of our clinical trials and runs the clinic in the Elton John Centre

Dr Jaime Vera

Senior Lecturer in HIV Medicine and Honorary Consultant in HIV Medicine

Other roles: Honorary Consultant HIV Medicine

Areas of expertise: Comorbidities and HIV; inflammation and HIV; ageing and HIV

Research areas: Ageing and HIV; HIV-associated central nervous system diseas; inflammation and HIV; HIV clinical trials

Suneeta Soni

HIV and Sexual Health Consultant

Suneeta has been a consultant in SHAC/Lawson Unit since 2010. Her main research interests are bacterial STIs and rectal infections in men who have sex with men (MSM). She loves it when a plan comes together.

Celia Richardson

Lead Research Nurse

Celia is our lead research nurse, and has held the reigns for several years. Celia is still very much involved day-to-day clinical research with patients.

Lisa Barbour

Senior Clinical Research Nurse

Lisa has been with our research team for decades, and has worked on an array of clinical trials.

Alyson Knott

Clinical Research Nurse

Elisa Souto

Senior Pharmacy Technician

Gemma Weir

Research Practitioner

Recently joined the department as the primary study coordinator for the EMERGE study. Gemma has joined us from the patient access team at the Lawson Unit.

Nicolas Pinto Sander


Helena Soviarova

Healthcare Assistant

Vittorio Trevitt

Data Officer

Vittorio joined our team in October 2016. Vittorio has extensive experience in data entry and ensures data integrity between study site and study sponsor.

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