HIV care

HIV care

The Lawson Unit is the name of our world renowned specialist centre for HIV treatment, support & ongoing care for people living with HIV

The Lawson Unit

The Lawson Unit is the name of our world renowned specialist centre for HIV. We are one of the largest HIV centres in the UK and have an international reputation for clinical care and research.

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The Lawson Unit has now relocated to the Louise Martindale Building @ A6

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If you have a new diagnosis of HIV, initially you may need to be seen more frequently. Patients attending for routine care may only need to be seen every six months to a year. Blood tests should be arranged at least two weeks before your appointment with the doctor/specialist nurse so they can discuss these results with you.


  • Routine appointments for bloods and follow up generally take 20-30 mins

Annual health checks

  • We offer all patients an annual health check. At the appointments we carry out physical and psychological assessments (such as blood pressure monitoring)
  • Appointments gererally take 30 mins to 1 hour

Sexual health screens

  • We offer STI testing at each appointment and can provide any necessary ttreatments
  • This is done as part of your routine appointments
  • Cervical smears & contraception are routinely discussed
  • Vaccinations (such as hepatitis A & B and HPV) are routinely offered

Transferring your care

  • Transferring your HIV care to Brighton is easy. Simply inform your current HIV care centre that you transferring care to Brighton and request ‘transfer-of-care’ documentation. Your current HIV care centre will know what this is. Alternatively – you can come to Lawson Unit and sign a transfer-of-care request and we’ll sort the rest out.
  • New patient transfer appointments take approximately 45 mins


  • A novel digital pathway that reduces in-person consultations to one doctor/nurse appointment per year
  • Blood tests every 6 months with results via email
  • Medications posted or sent to pharmacy for collection


  • A novel digital pathway that reduces in-person consultations to one doctor/nurse appointment per year
  • Access to results, info about medications and appointment via a highly secure mobile phone app
  • Two-way messaging system that enables you to communicate directly to the clinic via your app
  • Click here to find out more information about the EmERGE app

How do I get more medication?

If you don’t have enough medication until your next appointment, please contact the HIV Pharmacy Team on 01273 664 948. Please allow at least 24 hours for your prescription to be written. Once your prescription is ready please take it to Pharm@Sea (the outpatient pharmacy for the hospital) on 01273 523 257. For issues related to medicines home delivery please contact Alcura Health on 0800 980 0686 or 01604 433 500.

What to do if I'm unwell?

We offer a telephone triage system in the Lawson unit during opening hours. Triage is a way to assess and direct you to the most appropriate treatment or centre. Your GP will still provide all medical care which not related to HIV.

If you feel unwell or are concerned you may have an HIV related issue, phone the clinic and one of our reception staff will take your details and arrange for one of the nurses to contact you and discuss your concerns, and advise you of the most appropriate action. Outside Lawson unit opening times, queries should be directed to Courtyard 6 (HIV inpatients unit).

Does my GP need to know my HIV status?

We encourage all of our patients to register with a GP. With your permission we will reguarly communicate with your GP advising of any changes in your HIV care. Many patients have problems unrelated to HIV which GPs can manage safely.

Links to other services

We have excellent links with other departments including oncology, hepatitis clinics, rheumatology, dietetics, chest medicine and antenatal services. We have pathways in place that will help with any other treatments or appointments you may need from other specialties. We also work closely with organisations such as Terrence Higgins Trust, Mental Health Rapid Response Service, and the HIV Community Support Team.

Specialist Clinics

The Orange Clinic

A new approach for the assessment and management of people who have cognitive issues or concerns.
The Orange clinic aims to provide a single point of care for expert, multidisciplinary assessment, management and advice.

Sunflower Clinic

The Sunflower Clinic is open for all women living with HIV, and provides access to a doctor, nurse, health adviser and a women’s support worker from the Sussex Beacon – all at one appointment.

This specialist team offers support, information and education around HIV treatment, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, fertility, cervical smears, menopause, bone and heart health, domestic violence, substance misuse, sexual assault, social issues and any concerns around mental health.

Alternate Fridays 10-1pm at The Lawson Unit.

Sunflower patient information leaflet