Pregnancy testing & advice

Pregnancy testing & advice

We offer free pregnancy testing and are able to talk you through the options that may be available to you

When can you test for pregnancy?

You can test for pregnancy as soon as your period is late.

Important: The way that abortion services are operating during COVID is different to usual. It is essential you contact MSI Choices, which provides NHS-funded and self-funded abortion care, to learn if these changes will affect you. There’s a local clinic in Brighton. You don’t need a GP referral to access NHS funded abortion care. You can book a consultation online or call their advice line 0345 300 8090 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please do not delay if you are considering a termination. You have more options for treatment within the first 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Unplanned pregnancy

If you are worried that you have had unprotected sex and your period is late or lighter than usual, don’t panic! First things first, find out if you are pregnant or not – you need to know as soon as possible. If your period is seven days late or more, do a pregnancy test as soon as possible.

You can get a pregnancy test from:

  1. any chemist or pharmacy at a cost of around £10 – some pharmacists will do the test for you or you can take it home and do it yourself
  2. SHAC Central  at Morley Street- it will be done free of charge and you will have an immediate result with support and advice
  3. SHAC East at Claude Nicol Centre offer free pregnancy testing and advice and support
  4. SHAC West at Wish Park – some GPs provide a free pregnancy testing service
  5. voluntary youth agencies, such as YAC (Youth Advice Centre) and YPC (Young People’s Centre) have trained staff who will do a pregnancy test for you
  6. Brighton & Hove schools and college health based drop-ins can do a pregnancy test free of charge and give you the results straight away – they will also give you  advice and support on pregnancy issues

Most youth workers will also provide you with a free pregnancy test or support you to find a health services that is open and available – just ask them.

If the test is negative and your period has still not started by the following week, you will need another test. If you are not pregnant, seek medical advice about a reliable method of contraception to avoid future worries.

If you have done a home test that shows you are pregnant, make an appointment with your GP or at your local SHAC (Sexual Health & Contraception) service to have it confirmed and talk through your options. We will support your decision in a non-biased way and refer you accordingly.