Reversible contraception

Reversible contraception

There are 15 types of reversible contraceptive methods.

Methods of reversible contraception

Which method works best for you depends on a number of factors, including your age, whether you smoke, your medical and family history, and any medication you’re taking.  If you require information about male or female sterilisation you need to contact your GP as this is not provided at SHAC.


Long Acting Reversible Contraception such as an implant, injection or coil (copper type – IUD or hormonal – IUS) means that a woman can avoid having to remember for example taking a pill every day but can be quickly reversed if required.

If you have an appointment to have an IUD/IUS fitted (intrauterine contraceptive device/system – or coil) – please read the ‘Learn more’ link below:

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There are many different types of pills including progestogen only and the combined pill. It is important to discuss this through with a professional as not every type will suit each person. These are taken every day sometimes with a break which may differ according to the advice given.


Patches are a method of combined hormones where a patch is applied to varying sites on the body over a period of three weeks, each patch lasting a week.


The contraceptive vaginal ring is a method of combined hormones whereby a soft plastic ring is inserted for 3 weeks of each month.

We provide

  • Contraceptive pills issued on site
  • Contraceptive depo injections
  • Condoms and lube – with discussion and demonstrations
  • Assessment and fitting of contraceptive implants
  • Assessment and fitting of intrauterine systems and devices (coils)
  • Teaching and fitting of diaphragms or caps
  • Emergency contraception
  • Removal of coils
  • Removal of implants
  • C-cards and condoms for the under 25’s

Contraceptive consultations may be accessed through booked appointments or walk in and wait clinics.