C-Card for free condoms

C-Card for free condoms

Under 25’s get free condoms & lube across Brighton & Hove

C-Card scheme

The C-Card scheme gives young people access to free condoms, internal condoms and lubricant in Brighton and Hove.

Brighton and Hove C-Card App

C-Card is now app-based and even easier to use. You can download the Brighton and Hove C-Card app for free on your smart phone in Apple store or Google Play:

 Apple Store

 Google Play

Over 16s

If you are over 16, you need to watch some quick videos and answer a few quiz questions before your app is ready to use.

Under 16s

If you are under 16, you will need to visit one of our SHAC services or your school nurse drop-in to get your app unlocked. You’ll have a quick chat with a trained professional and they will make sure that you are happy & safe – they will then unlock your C-Card app for you to use.

Not able to use the app?

If you are not able to use the C-Card app for some reason, for example you don’t have a smartphone, you can sign up for a paper C-Card at one of our hybrid C-Card sites. Paper C-Cards can only be used to collect condoms at hybrid sites e.g. where the card was issued.

If you lose your C-Card or your app isn’t working you can always collect 3 condoms from any C-Card collection point – just ask.

Collecting Condoms

Once you have the app on your phone, you can visit any open access C-Card site, scan their QR code poster using the scanner in your app and show your collect screen to a member of staff. They will then give you 6 condoms and a lube for free – no questions asked!

You can collect a condom pack every 7 days. You can ask for more if you need them.

If you want condoms in different sizes (trim, king-size or super-king), internal condoms, or you have a latex allergy and need latex-free condoms you can contact us to request this.

If you have a paper C-Card you will only be able to collect condoms at hybrid sites e.g. where the card was issued.

All C-Card sites also offer free home Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea test kits and most C-Card pharmacies also provide FREE Emergency Contraception (sometimes called “Morning After Pill”) to under 25’s. You can also order a home test kit through the app and find a list of free EHC (Emergency Hormonal Contraception) pharmacies.

C-Card Collection Sites

C-Card sites display the C-Card logo in their window and you can also find a map of C-Card sites in the app.

You can find a map of sexual health services in Brighton and Hove here.

Open access sites

Open access sites give out condoms to anyone with the C-Card app. View the open access sites for a full list.

Closed access sites

Closed access sites only give out condoms to their own clients or students with the C-Card app.

This means that you cannot go to these services unless you are already linked up with them. This includes school health drop-ins, college sexual health drop-ins and some services working with young people such as RU:OK? and the Youth Offending Service. View the closed C-Card collection sites for a full list.

Hybrid C-Card sites

Hybrid C-Card sites can issue paper C-Cards to young people who aren’t able to use the C-Card app for some reason. At hybrid C-Card sites you can use your C-Card app or your paper C-Card to collect free condom packs.

Most hybrid C-Card sites are closed C-Card sites, which means that you cannot go to these services unless you are already linked in with them. View the hybrid C-Card collection sites for a full list.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions on 01273 523222 or email us at sc-tr.brightoncash@nhs.net

How to use your C-Card app

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