Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception

If you've had sex without using contraception or think your contraception might have failed

Do you need emergency contraception?

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What is emergency contraception?

If you have sex without using contraception, or if there is a risk that your contraception may have failed (e.g. split condom, forgotten a pill), then you can use emergency contraception to prevent a pregnancy. Emergency contraception is either an emergency pill or a copper coil. The pill is sometimes known as the ‘morning after pill’ but this is a bit confusing because it can be taken up to three to five days after unprotected sex.

A copper coil is the considered the best option for emergency contraception as it can be more effective – if you think you need an emergency copper coil you can call us on 01273 523 388 to discuss this. Please call as soon as you are able to as time can be a limiting factor for having an emergency coil fitted. 

Emergency contraception is available from your GP (doctor) for free. You can make an emergency appointment and you do not need to tell the receptionist what you need.

You can also access it from some pharmacies. Some pharmacies offer free emergency contraception for under 25 year olds.