The Orange Clinic (Memory)

The Orange Clinic (Memory)

A new approach for assessing and managing people living with HIV who have cognitive issues or concerns

The Orange Clinic

The Orange Clinic is a new approach for the assessment and management of people living with HIV (PLWH) who have cognitive issues or concerns. The clinic is a collaboration with Memory Assessment Services and Brighton and Sussex Medical School and aims to provide a single point of care for expert, multidisciplinary assessment, management and advice on care for PLWH with concerns about cognitive impairment.


What we provide

  • A comprehensive, patient-centred assessment and management plan
  • Multidisciplinary evaluation and consultation from an HIV physician, a consultant old age psychiatrist skilled in dementia assessment and management, a neuropsychologist, a clinical psychologist, an HIV clinical nurse consultant, and virtual support from pharmacy, neurology and neuroimaging services
  • In one day, the clinic aims to have completed all assessments and generated a management plan
  • Continued in-person or virtual support

Who is eligible to access this service?

The clinic is available to all PLWH in the South-East of England who have cognitive concerns, or unexplained cognitive disorders where the referring team would like help with diagnosis and/or management.

If you are a patient and would like to be referred, please speak to your HIV physician or nurse. We accept referrals from any healthcare professional involved in a patients care.

Resources / what to expect when you attend

Please download our leaflet for patients. This provides details for anyone planning on attending the clinic on what to expect on the day, who to bring along, and how to prepare for the assessments.

You can also watch a short video that explains what to expect on the day of your visit.



Contact us


Address / location:   Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton. Eastern Road. BN2 5BE
Louise Martindale Building – Lawson Uni
t (A6)

  • Enter the Royal Sussex County Hospital building  ‘Louisa Martindale Building’  (light blue on map below)
  • Follow the signs to Lift ‘A’
  • Take lift A to level 6 – you’re there!  (A6 – Lawson Unit)



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